Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a Safari tour?

It’s an Adventure, an Excursion, a Safari. Try it, and decide for yourself!

How can I make a Booking?

  • by email
  • by phone

What about the Booking Confirmation?

Your booking is confirmed either by email or by phone.

Is there a Deposit for Booking Confirmation?

In group participating adventures you will pay in cash or by credit card, on adventure date.
In private adventures, your payment must be made 7 days prior the booking date.

Is there an Age Limit?

Jeep tours: over 8
Walking tours: over 6
In private tours there is not an age limit.

Is there a Child Price?

There is a children fee for ages 6 to 12.

What is the Maximum Number of Persons in each Jeep?

7 in total including the driver, in 3 parallel rows of leather seat in our Pajero’s.

Why Pajero?

Because they have 7 seat and not more, are safe, luxury, with A/C and can go everywhere.
In our priority is to feel safety and comfortable.
In summer time, the temperature in Crete is close to 35-45 degrees of Celsious, so the A/C is necessary.

What about the Weather?

In Jeep Safari tours the bad weather conditions is not a factor affecting the tour, unless the road network is destroyed.

How Extreme are your Adventures?

We are not having an off road race. Our tours are for fun, where everyone can enjoy nature, learn about Cretan culture, local cuisine, olive oil and wines. Yes, you will get pumped about and dusty, but that’s all part of the fun! Don't forget that in our 4wd Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles, the conditions are very comfortable.

What about the Pick up and Drop off Points?

It will be “door to door” from your hotel, villa or apartment. In a range up to 25km (15 miles) around Chania, your transfer included in price.

What is the Minimum Number of Clients for going on the tour?

It ranges on each tour.