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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the procedures, Terms and Conditions before making your booking.

Booking Procedure

By email: Choose the tour from the main menu bar or by clicking on the adventure picture. Select the date from the calendar and complete the booking request form with your full details. Don’t forget to complete the details of all the group members. Submit the completed form.

By phone/Whatsapp: Before calling our main office, make sure you have read all the Terms and Conditions. Required information:
  • Full Name
  • Selected Tour
  • Adventure Date
  • Group Size (children ages when required)
  • Place of Accommodation
  • Contact Number

Your booking as well as the pick up point/time, will be directly confirmed.

By following one of the above procedures you automatically accept the Terms and Conditions for participating in one of our tours. When booking by email, there are two separate boxes that you have to “tick” before submitting the form.

Booking Authorization

The person, who contacts us either by email or by phone, should be the one who is authorized by the rest of the group members to represent them. This person has to confirm that all group members are in good health, that they all agree with the Terms and Conditions and that they are aware of the risk taken by participating in one of our tours.

Payment Policy

We require NO down payment or advanced payment. When you book either by phone or email, we simply understand that trust is mutual. We use wireless POS in our vehicles and you will pay at the end of the tour.

Adventure Planning

Our company has planned the tours in a safe and at the same time fun and interesting way. During the Jeep tours, there will be frequent stops for everyone´s convenience. A plan regarding the duration of the trip between the stops will be given by the drivers. However, we have to emphasize that your participation in them – as adventures activities (driving on dirt roads) – includes a risk factor which you have to take.

Liability Insurance

As our clients you should be aware that we have taken all necessary precautions regarding the safety of our tours. Insurance is offered by our company during your transportation by 4wd vehicles, which might not cover cases of injury, medical care, death, damage or loss of personal belongings, while during the duration of the rest activities might not even exist.

Travel Insurance

Each customer is responsible for his/her travel insurance and should be informed if he/she is covered in case of injury, medical care, death or his/her return expenses

Further Terms and Conditions

As a member of an Jeep adventure team, there should be mutual respect between each member and this is also your responsibility. In each Jeep tour there is a member of our staff who is the designated leader. If and when it is necessary this person will give instructions and directions to be followed in order for the adventure to be implemented safely and in a friendly atmosphere.

Any non-compliance enables the leader to exclude this member without compensation. In case of indisposition which might affect the completion of the adventure, the leader is to make a decision according to the circumstances. If the indisposition occurs before set off, the member could be excluded. Services not used are non refundable.

Cancellation on your Part

Our policy is to give priority to people and mutual trust is what drove us to the non down payment policy. If for any reason, you can’t take part in your booked tour, we would highly appreciate your prompt cancellation.

Cancellation on our Part

Before cancelling a tour, our company would take all necessary measures in order to avoid it. However, any of the adventures could be cancelled – postponed in cases of: riots, war, terrorism, natural chemical or nuclear, disasters, fire, severe weather conditions, curfew by the police or port authority, serious mechanical problems regarding our vehicles which can’t be resolved within 24 hours or any other event that our company is not liable for.
Cancellation may also be implemented if the minimum number of the participants is not reached.
In all of the above cases, you will be promptly informed, so that you will be able to reschedule or cancel the adventure.
In private tours, you will get full refund.

Modifications / Changes on the Adventures

Our company will try to ensure that the tours will take place as scheduled and advertised. However, changes on schedule might occur under certain circumstances (e.g weather conditions, safety measures). These changes would only affect the length of the tour and not the quality. As soon as we aware of any of these changes, you will be informed in order to reschedule or cancel your tour.

Important Information

You should bare in mind that the Jeep tours include risks different from those of everyday life, which you will have to take in order to be a part of them. Even if you have participated in similar activities in your country of origin, you should always remember that weather conditions and geomorphology make the risks different. Our staff as well as our external partners, work with main objective the best planning of the adventures, so that you will be entertained and create beautiful memories.

Our company during the tours, is not responsible and will not compensate for any of the following reasons.
  • Anything unpredictable or illogical that might happen as well for its direct or indirect effects.
  • Customer actions outside the rules and instructions given by the designated leader, as well as for their direct and indirect effects.
  • Extra charges other that those written in our website or our brochures and were a result of booking through tour operators or our external partners.
  • Any loss, or damage of personal belongings with was caused by unpredictable or illogical factors.
  • Consumption of alcohol is not permitted for ages under 18 years old. In wine tasting, orange juice and water will be offered.