Visit Manousakis Winery and a Shepherd's Hut

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Mr Dimos sheep on a race for lunch!
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The lunch preparation by George
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Let's visit George, Thodoris, Michalis and Dimos
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A part of the off road route
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Vatolakos village
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Manousakis winery
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Manousakis winery
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Manousakis winery
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Manousakis winery
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Live a unique experience on a Semi Private tour. Join us in small groups, up to 6 guests/vehicle-guide and have one more enjoyable day in your life.

Overview: Only local guides, driving 7 seater 4wd, full A/C, vehicles , will allow you to explore on really comfortable conditions a part from the mainland of Crete which compatible vehicles, buses or mini buses, can’t offer.Heading to Therisso village you will enjoy the Therisso gorge's landscape and at Therisso village you will taste mountain tea, honey, the famous Cretan cheese named "graviera" and local olives named "tsounati".This is a call to become part of the primitive and challenging life Cretan shepherds have on “Lefka Ori” mountain. It will be a tour close to nature in an altitude up to 1400m (4600ft) and you will visit a shepherd’s hut - the traditional “Mitato” - where shepherds live in summer time and produce cheese, following hundred years old techniques. At Manousakis winery the Sommeliers and Grape producers, as more professional in their sector, will serve you 5 wine from their production.The main objective for us is to have an enjoyable lunch time with wine tasting at the same time. Our partners will serve you well cooked local food, accompined with local wine. We offer adventurous tours, including wine tasting, as offered at Manousakis winery for all their guests.It is not a wine seminar.
During the guided safari tour you will learn about life in Cretan villages, olives pick, olive oil production, cheese & honey production, distillation of "raki" - "tsikoudia", wine production and Cretan cuisine, culture, history and tradition. You will learn also about Cretan revolution which started in 1905 at Therisso village from Eleftherios Venizelos.

Therisso Gorge: Crete is a famous destination for hiking, in Europe. At Chania prefecture are there are more than 100 gorges. We visit one of them close to Chania city and you have the chance to see and feed goats. Admire and take plenty of photos of wild landscape nature.
Therisso Village : A picturesque village, a turning point in the local history. The Cretan revolution started right here, in 1905! We will serve you local products and mountain tea with honey. After your snack time, we inform you about the Cretan revolution in 1905. You have the chance to take a photo at "Eleftherios Venizelos" monument, the headman during the revolution and 7 times Prime Minister in Greece.A great man in our history.
Shepherd’s Hut: Things are getting more and more adventurous in our Jeep Safari tour. An off road route is a challenge worth’s living. Half an hour later we reach the shepherd’s hut - the traditional “Mitato”- where shepherds live and produce cheese following hundred years old techniques.It is a unique destination at 1400m (4600ft) altitude and you will see how difficult is to live on the mountains from June to November. If you are lucky and the shepherds are there at the time we visit the "Mitato", you will talk to them and take photos.
Cretan Villages: Driving downhill we stop at 1000m (3300ft) altitude to enjoy the view from above and take photos. Heading to Manousakis winery you will see enough changes in nature's beauty. From the forest with cypress trees where the shepherds hut is, in a short distance we are to the valley with lemon, orange, avocado and olive trees. We will cross in driving the villages, Zourva, Meskla, Fournes, Alikianos and Vatolakos.
Manousakis Winery: Υour last stop will be at Manousakis winery for wine tasting. Sommeliers and Grape producers, as more professional in their sector, will serve you 5 wine from Manousakis family production. Keeping your privacy you have information about Manousakis grape varieties and wine production.It is not a wine seminar!
Lunch time: Depending from the period of the year that you join the tour, we choose a different restaurant, trying if it is possible to avoid to be so crowdy, during your lunch time. Your delicious lunch will consist of traditional Cretan flavors with season salad, wine and dessert.
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Price includes: Hotel “door to door” pick up and drop off, Liability insurance and local taxes, Tour in 4wd 7 vehicles full A/C, English speaking local guide - driver, Bottled water, a cup of mountain tea, Cretan Snack, Wine tasting, Lunch with traditional food and wine.
Items to bring: sunglasses, hat, sun cream, a jacket (depending on the weather conditions). Sport shoes or sandals are recommended.
Remember to inform us if you or another member of your group is vegetarian or if there is a food allergy. If you do, we may arrange a different menu for them.
Must be able to step in and out of a 7 seater 4wd vehicles. This adventure is not recommended for people, don’t like being in bumpy roads, pregnant ladies.
If you need more information about this tour, call us or send us an email.

Adventure Duration
7 Hours
125 Km
1400 meters
Over 12 years old
6-12 years old
The prices are for group participation (min 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children)
Pick up Places and Times
The adventure starts at 09:30 - 09:45 depending from the pick up points
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